One Month of Reintegration

December 25, 2012-January 17th, 2013

One month of rambling reintegration thoughts…

– Finally got my white Christmas!
– I’m overstimulated on a daily basis
– Buying a used car with less than two weeks in the US #crazy
– I miss the little wooden nightstand he had
– I miss soccer on every channel
– I feel bad I can’t spend more time with my my friends; they’re so happy I’m home but I feel like I’m in a parallel universe
– I went to the mall today, Que cosas mas feas!
– [In the mall] “Way too many new clothes. Do people really need new clothes?”
– I really can’t get used to this awesome liquor cabinet
– Ok, I’m over the cold snow
– God bless that DMV woman
– This creamer is disgusting; I miss black coffee
– I hate job hunting
– I live in an area where people can afford to pay $30 for gourmet chocolate…wow
– omg, longest gray hair ever
– I am so proud of Danielle; she runs Rhinebeck
– Life is so expensive
– I convert to colon to see if something is expensive
– Still so cold!
– The stressors of being perfect in this life are just too much; CR life was so much more forgiving
– ASAP as I got home I instantly hated my body…oh, Geez!
– Oh my God. Peanut butter toast
– I feel so pressured to join the rat race
– God bless my parents

– His voice is like cooming home
– Just spent $200 in interview clothes; joining the rat race is expensive
– Our fridge has so much food
– “Omg, [enter food item] is so delicious!”
– Cheese. Praise cheese.
– I’m convinced my leg hair won’t grow bc it’s too darn cold here!
– I love cuddling with my cat
– I love keeping in contact with him
– Omg Greek yogurt
– Everything moves too fast: I feel like I can’t keep up
– Overwhelmed for real by the appliances in my house
– Can I just fall back into my old routine?
– The business world moves quickly
– I feel so unqualified to work here
– Omg I’m terrible at my job
– Heels are fun
– I miss the Hyleman family…A LOT
– I did well at my job today
– Freaking love 2 hour delays
– Virgin snow on trees is gorgeous
– I did not miss snow shoveling
– I don’t care what you say, my Mom’s stews are legendary
– I realize now how much I was living in survival mode in Peace Corps, and maybe that wasn’t a bad thing
– At this talk I’m giving next month about PC, what do they really want me to say? Do I have anything useful to say? My experience was so personal maybe I don’t have anything to say.
– I love salads
– I’ve been running so fast since I got home that Costa Rica is like a distant dream. I miss it.
– Can’t wait to put that PC sticker on my new car
– I love my dad’s oldies
– My coffee is definitely better than your coffee. Fact.


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