20 Days

In the 20 Days since my return to the states I have…
- Purchased a 2000 black Jetta GLS; she’s quite the fixer-upper, but I love her already
- Purchased 9 car parts to fix said car with the expertise of my brilliant car-savvy brother
- Purchased my first set of tires (and dang were they expensive!)
- Cleaned out my closet and given away tons of unnecessary clothes
- Gained 6.6 pounds
- Eaten cheese almost every day
- Signed up to take a Statistics of Behavioral Sciences course at my local community college as a pre-req for graduate school
- Purchased a $68 textbook for said course. Omg, I hate textbooks, so expensive!
- Purchased winter boots (b/c my other ones had holes)
- Gotten signed up with a temp agency to look for temporary work before grad school in the fall
- Gone on 2 interviews (didn’t get the first job & waiting on the second)
- Had to purchase interview clothes (it’s no fun buying grown up clothes!)
- Submitted my third and final graduate application
- Submitted a waitressing application
- Gone back to drinking my coffee black – like in CR
- Purchased 2 different “pay monthly” cellphones. Returned the first and keeping the second
- Reunited myself with tequila again. Then divorced myself from it promptly.
- Began running again
- Consumed sushi at least 3 times
- Baked cookies on TWO racks!
- Cried and laughed. Then cried again. Then laughed again.
- Been homesick for CR
- Been so happy to not be in CR
- Paid my student loans for the first time in 2 years. Bye bye, money!

Wow. I’ve been busy.

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