…I can’t correctly do chores bc I don’t know where anything goes
…Lazy sleep habits are easy to adapt
…Today sucks – I am so overwhelmed that I can’t even deal
…In all my rage, I wonder if I could throw my shitty new cellphone out the window
…I haven’t felt this emotionally shitty in 27 months
…How much is a ticket back to Costa Rica?
…My skin is so dry
…I’ve paid my bills for 2 years, why do I feel like this?
…I don’t even want a car now
…Car dealer: “in Costa Rica they speak….:: trails off::” Freaking really?!
…Hannah (my friend since kindergarten & also recent RPCV Sierra Leon ’10-’12) “Wasssuuuup my mutually confused sista?!” Omg, I adore her.
…My family is trying but I just can’t respond to them. I feel just like frozen in time.
…I just want to crawl under my covers
…So happy to text all my CR friends
…Is he moving on  without me?
…Can’t wait to call CR tmrw
…CR is so far away
…We used Salsa Lizano tonight, it was a good night!
…I spent 30 minutes making a cave out of my bathrobe for my cat #love


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