Day Three

December ummmm what is today’s date?

~ Why does the word Rhianna come up in my new t9?
~ Seriously if I keep eating this way I’m going to balloon!
~ Why does my t9 not work, oh yeah, it’s in French
~ The water pressure here and hot water quality is better than the Corobici
~ My parents are saints for letting me move back in
~ I need to buy a shower cap
~ (while wrapping my head with my towel) Oh my God, I’m going to fall over this towel is so heavy
~ last night my dad told me he met Taylor Swift
~ 42° degrees omg it’s cold
~ omg Rhinebeck is beautiful
~ I can’t put on enough layers to warm up
~ I’m not sure yet how to exchange English pleasantries on the phone
~ old habits die hard
~ Thank God I don’t life my ex
~ Am I really potentially buying a used car on Saturday? #nuts #PCreadjustmentallowance


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