Reintegration Day #2

December 19, 2012

– Wow, it’s really 6am – it looks like 4am in Costa Rica!
– Crap, it really is cold. [By the way, it was 50 degrees when I thought this!)
– I’m so glad my cat is still alive
– I can’t turn off these thoughts in my head. Once consciousness is created, it can never be undone; then it’s called ignoring
– I’m putting cream in my coffee but I really miss black Quetzal coffee; good thing I brought home 30 bags (no joke!)
– I love my mom & dad
– Heiner texted me – life is good
– I hate my new cell phone
– Omg, Heiner’s mom just called me. I adore her.
– Scotch tape…and in a dispenser! How cool!
– I think I really do smell if I don’t shower every day at the same hour like I did in CR.
– I have to get to the AT&T store before it closes for lunch! Wait, Kelsey, stores don’t close for lunch like they did in CR. #fail
– 8:17am – I’m late to start my day!
– Crap, it really is cold!
– I know PC gives me RPCV health care, but I hope I’m back on mom and dad’s health care
– My body is remembering its’ old habits
– I wonder what channel MTV is? 42 I think. Glad it’s not like the crappy MTV in CR.
– What’s that whirring noise? Oh wait, it’s the heat
– My toothbrush bristles seem harder…maybe it’s bc they actually dry out here #CRhumidity
– Crap. Ran a stop sign – glad it was only in the parking lot
– Crap. Parked too far over the front bumper line – glad it was the Macy’s parking lot.
– Crap. Turned down the wrong entrance – glad it was only sleepy Rhinebeck and there’s not much traffic!
– There’s a piece of dust/dirt under my new screen protector and it’s hitting my Type A mind hard! Remember, Kelsey, you lived in CR – chill out!
– So much food!
– I miss him!
– Chinese food, AT LAST!



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