Reintegration, Day #1: Thoughts

December 18, 2012

Random thoughts I had throughout the day…

– Oh my God, my parents’ bedroom is the size of some Ticos living room
– Heinz ketchup, YES!
– No orange juice – oh man, I wish I had some Tampico
– My towels are so fluffy
– I’m so glad to be home
– I would be making breakfast with Mari right now
– Matt Dolomore advised me against going to the mall – probably too much First world stimulation
– So.Many.Shoes.
– I own 3 half-used deoderants…I’m a pig
– I have so much stuff!
– I can’t wait to have an iPhone
– Meat for dinner. Oh my God.
– I got a phone. Yay.
– That phone I got. It doesn’t work. $#%$#.
– I miss Costa Rica.
– I thought I was done with shotty cell service. shit.

– Today I have eaten: egg omelet w/ goat and mozzarella cheese, a slice of rare roast beef w/ horseradish sauce, a Spanish olive, coffee with hazelnut creamer


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kevin
    Dec 19, 2012 @ 05:11:57

    please keep posting. the reintegration is the hardest for many to understand. Thank you, Kevin


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