Antojos y Pegas

With only one month and eight days left in Costa Rica, I thought it would  be fun to reminisce and review all the weird antojos and pegas I’ve had.

Antojos are cravings.
Pegas are feelings that happen after having too much of that good thing; when you can’t look or smell that food without feeling sick!

Chiki Blak cookies – these chocolate on chocolate cookies are AMAZING with coffee!
Numar garlic butter – I was introduced to this butter by my host sister and, I swear, for about three months I had it on bread EVERY morning. Then, after I had moved into my own apartment, I made a hot wing sauce with this butter. Definitely too much of a good thing; I ended up getting so sick on the sauce that I still can´t bring myself to buy this butter.

Pringles sour cream and onion – I love these chips because they ¨taste like home.¨ I also tricked myself into believing that they weren´t really that unhealthy because they were baked #liar

Bokitas white cheese crackers – These are a Costa Rican taste on Ritz white cheese crackers so I instantly loved them, of course. I remember buying a sleeve once while waiting for the bus and being so excited about opening the package that I actually tripped into a ditch. #fatgirlstatus

Fried Chicken – My PCV friend Bryson calls fried chicken my kryptonite. Despite this crazy list, I actually try to eat quite healthy, but Bryson has seen me lose my cool over fried chicken more than once.

Doritos – Delicious. End of story.

Mamones chinos – These Costa Rican fruits are probably the only healthy thing on list. In English they´re called rambutans and they taste kind of like grapes. They´re absolutely amazing.

Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich – Tastes like home. But no tomato.

Tampico orange juice – This sugary juice probably has absolutely no orange and more than the weekly serving of sugar. I once told my friend Angela, ¨We´re out of Tampico here in the house. There´s absoutely no reason to get out of bed.¨

POPS mint chocolate chip ice cream – My love for POPS ice cream dates back to my trips to Costa Rica with my family when I was a little girl. My current favorite flavor is mint choco. chip because it ¨tastes like home¨


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