February 1, 2012

When I was home for Christmas break everyone commented, “you’re such a great baker! I love seeing your work on Facebook!” Well, lest everyone believe I know what I’m doing – here’s a post to prove I have no idea!

Today was the biggest failblog in the kitchen that I’ve had in a long time. I was attempting to make this Filipino Pan de Leche bread. I always lay all my ingredients out before cooking and put them away after I’ve used them (a trick my mama taught me so I never forget to add anything or wonder if I’ve used it) and today I did just that.

My bread was rising – a little slower than normal so I thought my yeast wasn’t reacting correctly – but the bread would still taste good. After letting it rise an extra hour I went to the dinner rolls and that’s when  I saw them: two eggs sitting on the counter. “My egg wash only calls for one egg, what’s going on?” I thought as I stared at the two orbs. Then it hit me – I had forgotten to put the eggs in the dough. Why? How? I never forget ingredients!

The situation turned from bad to worse when I tried to knead the small rolls back into one big dough ball and knead the two eggs into the mass. Yeah, right, when did I think that was going to help the situation? Realizing I could do nothing but admit defeat, I threw the massive, yucky, egg-y doughy ball in my trash (silently cursing the 3 cups of flour I was wasting!)

Tomorrow is a new day and I will try again; currently I’m too bitter. I’m going to drink my french press coffee and boil pasta for dinner – I’m sure I can’t mess that up.


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