One Month of Reintegration

December 25, 2012-January 17th, 2013

One month of rambling reintegration thoughts…

– Finally got my white Christmas!
– I’m overstimulated on a daily basis
– Buying a used car with less than two weeks in the US #crazy
– I miss the little wooden nightstand he had
– I miss soccer on every channel
– I feel bad I can’t spend more time with my my friends; they’re so happy I’m home but I feel like I’m in a parallel universe
– I went to the mall today, Que cosas mas feas!
– [In the mall] “Way too many new clothes. Do people really need new clothes?”
– I really can’t get used to this awesome liquor cabinet
– Ok, I’m over the cold snow
– God bless that DMV woman
– This creamer is disgusting; I miss black coffee
– I hate job hunting
– I live in an area where people can afford to pay $30 for gourmet chocolate…wow
– omg, longest gray hair ever
– I am so proud of Danielle; she runs Rhinebeck
– Life is so expensive
– I convert to colon to see if something is expensive
– Still so cold!
– The stressors of being perfect in this life are just too much; CR life was so much more forgiving
– ASAP as I got home I instantly hated my body…oh, Geez!
– Oh my God. Peanut butter toast
– I feel so pressured to join the rat race
– God bless my parents

– His voice is like cooming home
– Just spent $200 in interview clothes; joining the rat race is expensive
– Our fridge has so much food
– “Omg, [enter food item] is so delicious!”
– Cheese. Praise cheese.
– I’m convinced my leg hair won’t grow bc it’s too darn cold here!
– I love cuddling with my cat
– I love keeping in contact with him
– Omg Greek yogurt
– Everything moves too fast: I feel like I can’t keep up
– Overwhelmed for real by the appliances in my house
– Can I just fall back into my old routine?
– The business world moves quickly
– I feel so unqualified to work here
– Omg I’m terrible at my job
– Heels are fun
– I miss the Hyleman family…A LOT
– I did well at my job today
– Freaking love 2 hour delays
– Virgin snow on trees is gorgeous
– I did not miss snow shoveling
– I don’t care what you say, my Mom’s stews are legendary
– I realize now how much I was living in survival mode in Peace Corps, and maybe that wasn’t a bad thing
– At this talk I’m giving next month about PC, what do they really want me to say? Do I have anything useful to say? My experience was so personal maybe I don’t have anything to say.
– I love salads
– I’ve been running so fast since I got home that Costa Rica is like a distant dream. I miss it.
– Can’t wait to put that PC sticker on my new car
– I love my dad’s oldies
– My coffee is definitely better than your coffee. Fact.


20 Days

In the 20 Days since my return to the states I have…
– Purchased a 2000 black Jetta GLS; she’s quite the fixer-upper, but I love her already
– Purchased 9 car parts to fix said car with the expertise of my brilliant car-savvy brother
– Purchased my first set of tires (and dang were they expensive!)
– Cleaned out my closet and given away tons of unnecessary clothes
– Gained 6.6 pounds
– Eaten cheese almost every day
– Signed up to take a Statistics of Behavioral Sciences course at my local community college as a pre-req for graduate school
– Purchased a $68 textbook for said course. Omg, I hate textbooks, so expensive!
– Purchased winter boots (b/c my other ones had holes)
– Gotten signed up with a temp agency to look for temporary work before grad school in the fall
– Gone on 2 interviews (didn’t get the first job & waiting on the second)
– Had to purchase interview clothes (it’s no fun buying grown up clothes!)
– Submitted my third and final graduate application
– Submitted a waitressing application
– Gone back to drinking my coffee black – like in CR
– Purchased 2 different “pay monthly” cellphones. Returned the first and keeping the second
– Reunited myself with tequila again. Then divorced myself from it promptly.
– Began running again
– Consumed sushi at least 3 times
– Baked cookies on TWO racks!
– Cried and laughed. Then cried again. Then laughed again.
– Been homesick for CR
– Been so happy to not be in CR
– Paid my student loans for the first time in 2 years. Bye bye, money!

Wow. I’ve been busy.

One Week

– I dreamt (or is it dreamed? I can’t speak English) of arepas last night
– So excited to see Katherine today!
– I have to see Hannah soon!
– I need to finish my UPenn application this week
– springform baking pans = AMAZING!
– Did I really complain about the quality of our coffee maker? #firstworldproblems
– I love walnuts
– My pants are tight
– Our dryer sounds like a jet plane taking off
– I love when my mom picks out my clothes
– So blessed to be home


…I go from making my own decisions top having 4 other opinions; it’s rough
…Remembering the different highway landmarks
…I’m so proud of the man my brother has become
…So good to hear his voice
…I still love “Call Me Maybe”
…So, bad dye jobs aren’t only in Costa Rica
…I still have my fiery temper
…It gets dark so early here!
…I need to practice my Spanish
…I feel stressed
..yay! The Hobbit #finally


…I can’t correctly do chores bc I don’t know where anything goes
…Lazy sleep habits are easy to adapt
…Today sucks – I am so overwhelmed that I can’t even deal
…In all my rage, I wonder if I could throw my shitty new cellphone out the window
…I haven’t felt this emotionally shitty in 27 months
…How much is a ticket back to Costa Rica?
…My skin is so dry
…I’ve paid my bills for 2 years, why do I feel like this?
…I don’t even want a car now
…Car dealer: “in Costa Rica they speak….:: trails off::” Freaking really?!
…Hannah (my friend since kindergarten & also recent RPCV Sierra Leon ’10-’12) “Wasssuuuup my mutually confused sista?!” Omg, I adore her.
…My family is trying but I just can’t respond to them. I feel just like frozen in time.
…I just want to crawl under my covers
…So happy to text all my CR friends
…Is he moving on  without me?
…Can’t wait to call CR tmrw
…CR is so far away
…We used Salsa Lizano tonight, it was a good night!
…I spent 30 minutes making a cave out of my bathrobe for my cat #love

Día Cuatro

…I’m over-sensitive to ground movements – I think everything is an earthquake
…There are so many hicks in my hometown; so glad I left
…Guns stress me out
…This customer service is as bad as Costa Rica
…These Ziplock bags are so clean
…I need to stop eating
…A fully equipped kitchen is such a luxury
…Heck, my entire like here is a luxury
…Omg, Paneras, omg
…::sees Nutella:: Omg, I have to send this to Taylor Westfall
…I’ll put these in a Peace Corps care package too (re: Christmas candy)
…I miss him
…Freaking cold
…Am I really possibly buying a car tomorrow?
…9:53pm, it’s SO late!
…I need Peace Corps apparel
…(glaring at care salesman) I did PC Costa Rica – not Guatemala!
…I still miss him
…I need to stop putting cream in my coffee
…I stare at people like Ticos used to do; I’m rude
…I wonder if I stand too close to people #Ticomanners
…3 different jerseys on my floor: Saprissa, Liga, and Heredia
…It’s freeeeeezing

Day Three

December ummmm what is today’s date?

~ Why does the word Rhianna come up in my new t9?
~ Seriously if I keep eating this way I’m going to balloon!
~ Why does my t9 not work, oh yeah, it’s in French
~ The water pressure here and hot water quality is better than the Corobici
~ My parents are saints for letting me move back in
~ I need to buy a shower cap
~ (while wrapping my head with my towel) Oh my God, I’m going to fall over this towel is so heavy
~ last night my dad told me he met Taylor Swift
~ 42° degrees omg it’s cold
~ omg Rhinebeck is beautiful
~ I can’t put on enough layers to warm up
~ I’m not sure yet how to exchange English pleasantries on the phone
~ old habits die hard
~ Thank God I don’t life my ex
~ Am I really potentially buying a used car on Saturday? #nuts #PCreadjustmentallowance

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